Best GBB SVD: AIM vs WE Tech

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Bullpup GOD, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Bullpup GOD

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    Looking at buying one of the following GBBRs. They both seem like excellent rifles, but I was wondering which one is better? The AIM has CO2 mags so it will obviously preform better in cooler weather, but there isn't as much info on its quality compared to the WE tech. The WE is a bit more expensive, but only by $40. If anyone has had experience with either of the rifles, let me know.
  2. excalibur3100

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    From what I know about WE is that they are much better than those who are questionable, also I've heard some knocks against the AIM SVD on Airsoft Sniper Forum, also you could drill and tap the WE propane mags for an external air setup and run CO2 or HPA through it.

  3. iPro

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    Neither rifles have good aftermarket support at the moment, but I have a little experience with the AIM. I have a friend with a AIM SVD that has a sheared in two bolt. All he has now is a wall hanger. There are stock parts available, but it won't help the fact that it's a poorly designed gun, and there is no way of fixing that at the moment.