Best gun to get?? $400 Budget.

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Skaterboyjt97, Aug 5, 2012.

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    I have $400 to spend.. I want to get a gun thats full metal, or full metal with polycarb like a scar, a v3 gearbox, and metal gears, polycarb piston, high torque motor, etc. so its easy to maintain and can easily be changed to an m150 spring. I want it to have an ris system, and a tight bore barrel in it stock and it needs to be in the 400+ fps range before I upgrade it. I dont care about ROF.. It will be a dmr build . Dont comment about the dangers of a high fps and spring power, I already know and I could upgrade it. Thanks..
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    Well if it has to be a V3 GB then you're limited to mainly AK models and G36 models. You could get a VFC AK, KWA G36, CA G36, G&P AK, etc.

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    Be careful with the KWA G36. It'll outperform pretty much any other stock G36 out there, but it doesn't play nice with aftermarket parts without some work.

    For example, the hop up unit on a gen 1 KWA M4 is proprietary, you can fit an aftermarket unit to it, but first you have to replace the air nozzle.

    KWA if you want a great stock gun. VFC if you want great externals. CA if you want a good all around G36 (realistic and rock solid externals with good internals).

    Forgot to add, SIGs and AUGs use V3 mechboxes right? An AUG would make a mean DMR. Awesome hopup design, long inner barrel, short overall gun. I wish I still had my CA AUGA1. You can retrofit an AUGA1 or AUGA2 with an RIS unit as well.
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    The ICA SIG 551 MRS has a RIS system and a V3 gearbox. Not sure about FPS though...