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best M4 hop-up unit ?

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I'm looking to replace my Hop-up unit in an M4, as my old one was not performing as well I want, so what's your pick for Hop-ups?
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I have a MAXX ME and dig it, but with the new ones being $80 that's a tough sell, so I'd look at maybe the new one from Gate
Lonex. Cheap, good tolerances and compatibility. Very hard to beat for ~$15
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If your unit isn't broken...swap out your packing/rubber/bucking first and nub. That gives you the 85% of you range and accuracy.

And there is no Best unit...even the the lonex unit has fitment issues in some AEG's, just a little less though.

This is due to Airsoft items not being made to any standard at all.
Maybe try and tighten up the stock hop-up instead? I had a KS P90 once upon a time. The stock hop-up had meh performance. What I did was install a higher quality hop-up rubber, deep clean and polish and stabilize the barrel and also filed away molding defects and reduced overall slack in the system. Made a big improvement in accuracy and range.
There is a saying about performance on where the rubber meets the road. Not where the rim that's connected on the suspension linkage which has the rubber where it meets the road...the hop-up unit is that "rim".
that makes sense, so I guess I should be asking what is the best hop up rubber/packing/bucking?
That depends...large contact patch ML, Flat Hops that are slip-on's, TNT units that need TNT barrels due to the ginormous contact patch, which is the "newest" tech need a large window on the barrel.

Then the splitters that take old school solids and puts cuts in them like W-Hold, RHY and Sharks is a step above the "legacy" hop-up rubbers which focus on soft as the best also work on barrels with smaller windows.

Then bb type that also play into the equation.

What barrel do you have...what bbs do you shoot? Is what we need to know next.
I was planning on getting this, Prometheus 6.05 BC Bright Brass Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 363mm) with my order, and I use the BBs at my field, which are the only ones allowed, I have no idea what brand they are, I use 0.25g.
That is a traditional barrel window.

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Not good for a large range of adjustment, it would work fine with legacy hop-up packing/rubbers/bucking and you can run "cut mound packings too. Not good for large contact packings lilke a ML. What AEG are you wanting to replace the barrel in? Some AEG are actually very high quality...I find it funny that people "assume" stock barrels are bad and they in fact downgrade with some barrels that are sold as "upgrades".
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I assure you, it is not high quality the barrel is visibly degrading, when I bought the gun accuracy was mediocre and now I cant hit a stump at 30 feet. Battle Machine M4 Mod-M CQB V2 Airsoft AEG Rifle by Valken (Color: Desert) Yes I know it's junk but I didn't know better back then. Is there a better inner barrel that I should look at?
Battle is mid-2010's when that came out.

That would be a decent barrel, but the window is representative of a dated design

What is your budget? Lambda is a viable option and the window is deeper in the cut.
I'd like to keep every thing under $100.
I have a G&P 15" barrel I can send you with with a packing that has "splits" (2 pack) for 42.00 shipped.

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US Mail with Tracking.
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sorry, I did not mean to ghost you, life happened, what would be the best way to get you your payment Guges?
Paypal, venmo?
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