Best shotgun?

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    I'm not very familiar with shotguns so I'm wondering how practical they actually are in cqb. I don't own one ATM but I do like how they look and would like to have one. What's the best gas powered and spring powered shotguns? I'm looking for durability, power, reliability, and functionality. As for price range, as long as it isn't rediculisly expensive.
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    TM makes a spas 12 that has different types of shells for different scenarios, but the double eagle tri-shots are workhorses and really cheap for what you get.

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    Yup haha really good shotgun, and they last a while.
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    The TM Spas is a tri-shot. The shell is simply a magazine that holds BBs.
    Where did you hear about "different types of shells for different scenarios"?


    For gas shotguns, there are the Maruzen models (134a or duster gas) or the AGM M500 Chinese clone (Green Gas/Propane ready but prone to leaks).

    Some Maruzens use shells, but those are not good for skirmishes without a shell catcher.
    The AGM does not use shells, but reloading in the field is a chore.

    For spring shotguns, the Chinese tri-shots (UTG, DE, Bravo, TSD, etc...) are good and inexpensive options, but you need to make sure you pump the gun fully, otherwise you could risk breaking the nozzle which would turn your shotgun into a wall hanger.
    They are all clones of the TM tri-shot design, but TM has fixed hop up on all 3 barrels, the clones only on the top barrel.
    There are no upgrades for spring shotguns.
    Each shell holds 30 BBs (Ten 3 round shots each). In CQB, they can be quite effective.
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    I agree with that. My buddy has a tri-shot and they really are a great shotgun for the price. Very durable and pack a punch. Go for a very reasonable price as well which is always a bonus.
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    I swear I've seen a shell ejecting shotgun, I know i have, and it had different shells, some holding one bb, and I think up to 8, I shall again find it.
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    If you could give us a price range, we could help you more, but I agree with everything said above.
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    That doesn't seem very practical if you have to go looking around for the shells afterwards...
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    Yeah, but with a shell catcher it's be neat.
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    I own two of Marui's shotguns. They are the best performing spring/tri-shot shotguns you will find. They have great accuracy and range. The prices are a little high, but they are honestly worth it. In response to the earlier comment on this post, there is only one type of shell for the Tm Spas-12.