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Discussion in 'Sniper Rifles' started by BetterPlayerr, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. BetterPlayerr

    BetterPlayerr New Member

    whats the best sniper rifle a new player can buy thats under $500??
  2. TheAirsoftTech

    TheAirsoftTech New Member

    With that kind of budget, buy a JG bar-10 and upgrade through the roof. :D

    But, you may want to try searching next time for existing threads.

  3. bal1

    bal1 New Member

    Not wise for a new player to buy a sniper.
  4. CoppertopNeasg

    CoppertopNeasg New Member

    Read Airsoft Society's Rules, Shifty's guide to buying a sniper and fix your grammar. Proceed to read various sniper rifle build threads. After that, edit you first post with the new information you have such as the model of the base gun you want to use, what parts you are planning to use and how you want the gun to perform. Now, people will be able to help you.

  5. ncore

    ncore New Member

    Like bal1 said, if you are new, don't start off with a sniper. And a $500 budget is a VERY nice budget to work with. Get a bar-10 and then there are a lot of great upgrade parts here:

    I would say that is the cheapest way to go. Also, remember to buy spare magazines and get an r-hop from hunterseeker5
  6. TheFallenHero

    TheFallenHero Active Member

    All snipers are the exact same. Buy a vsr -10 or a utg l96 then upgrade. In the end when they are both fully upgraded they will have the same range. All depends on how good you are at tuning an r-hop.

    Angel custom parts are ok but are not the best at all.
  7. BetterPlayerr

    BetterPlayerr New Member

    thanks this helps me out
  8. EDI1st

    EDI1st New Member

    Fountain Valley
    Classic Army M24, upgrade barrel done, and still have few hundred bucks left over for whatever you want.
  9. TheFallenHero

    TheFallenHero Active Member


    #1 You can not buy a good sniper. You have to make it
    #2 After done making its still not a good sniper. You have to tune it.
    #3 After done tuning you still have to learn when to shoot. Meaning when theres no wind or anything of the sort.

    What Edi said is true the CA M24 with a new inner barrel pretty much covers upgrades. Except i cant find it in stock anywhere. If you happen to know where they are in stock feel free to enlighten me.