Best strategy for a 6 on 6 game

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    I am going to my friends party this weekend and the battle field is in the woods. I don't think each team will have more than 6 people on it. I was wondering what tactics my team should use. It will also be very cold so any ideas to stay warm will help to.
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    It's not a strategy - although you could say 'keeping together' is a strategy, or 'force concentration' is a strategy - but here is a tactic:

    2 teams of 3, each team has a team leader, one of the TL should be the overall leader.

    Move together, keeping the teams of 3 together, not mixed up. When you make contact with the enemy, the closer team just starts firing. They can get prone, move to better cover, etc., but the need to fire. Aim and fire.

    The other team immediately flanks. They should move until their position causes the enemy to be in a cross fire between their team and the first team that stayed in place.

    BOTH teams will need to move close enough to get a good shot on the enemy positions. If things change, and they can no longer put effective fire on any enemy, they'll need to move to a new position so they can shoot at someone, or at the thing the enemy is hiding behind.

    Both teams, if one of them is moving, should have the other two firing to cover the moving guy.

    This is basic fire and maneuver, basic battle drill.

    Stay warm? Wear synthetic long underwear like polypro. It's better to have a lower nylon content. Wear a warm hat, and have gloves.
    Don't wear thick jackets or anything waterproof unless you plan to stand still for a long time.

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    Go with what McGee said, I could not have put it better. The only thing I would add to that is your movement technique. Each of your 3 man teams are called fire teams, the two teams make up a squad. The ideal movement formation is the squad column fire team wedge. This means that each team is in a wedge or chevron, and the first team is in front of the second team in a line. (attached is a diagram of what it should look like from above) This allows each squad to react to contact from any angle with the least risk of fratricide.

    A modification that I use if I know that the enemy is going to be to the front is A team (the lead element) is in a wedge and B team (rear element) is in a file. This allows A team to lay down suppressive fire and B team to flank immediate since a file is the fastest way to travel as a unit. Also traveling in a file puts your team "on line" when you get into flanking position and allows you to assault the objective more expediently. As any one of repute will tell you on this site, speed is key, you should have hit an objective and left within 4 minutes of making contact.

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    My team does a lot of this for training. But it's not always 6v6, sometimes 8v4 or some variant. Anyway what we found to be most effective is to go in groups of 2. It is more stealthy. and don't travel in one group or in formations when looking for the opponent. Sent one group of 2 done the path, sent another group to the right, and one to the left. So you can cover more land and they won't expect people to walk where there isn't a path. Also if you are in a group and you are attacked, your opponent will see you split and know where the flanking team is moving (if they know they are being flanked, running away is the first thing they will do).
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I think this will really help me this weekend