Best stubby CQB M4?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by likeaboz2002, Jul 24, 2018.

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    I've got a budget of <$200 for the gun, and am looking primarily for compactness and maybe trigger response
    I have found a few options so far, such as

    JG Stubby M4

    Lots of battery/mosfet space
    Lightweight construction
    Cheap at $150
    Nice stock motor
    Full metal RIS

    Not certain of FPS (some reviews say 330, others say 360)
    Stock is unadjustable
    Tiny 190rd stock mag
    Polymer reciever

    Elite Force M4 CQC


    Lower price at $160
    Adjustable stock
    longer barrel
    Large stock mag
    Good warranty + customer support
    Decent battery space
    Micro switch trigger

    Long overall length
    All polymer construction
    No stock sights
    Possibly proprietary trigger

    G&G Firehawk


    Nice G&G gearbox
    Solid ROF with 7.4 and 11.1
    Adjustable stock
    Decent trigger response
    Loud with unique amplifier

    Minimal battery space, barely fits a 7.4
    Expensive at $190
    Polymer construction

    Classic Army EC-1


    Built in MOSFET
    Stock grip + rail covers
    Nice battery space
    Classic Army quality
    Longest inner barrel
    Stock tightbore barrel
    FPS right under 350

    Longest length
    Polymer construction
    More expensive at $185

    G&G ARP9

    Lightest and most compact
    Uses mags that could fit in my pistol pouches
    Nice ROF and trigger response
    Looks badass!
    High quality G&G gearbox

    Proprietary mags, expensive and out of stock
    On preorder most places
    Almost no battery space
    M-LOK, requires extra rail segments
    Some proprietary parts
    Over budget by $10!

    Overall, which do you think is the best choice for speedsoft style CQB gameplay?
    I'm also open to suggestions
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    Out of the ones you linked, the ARP9 is the most commonly recommended, but is a SMG, not a M4. It's loved by many, doesn't look bad, and is higher quality than the others. I'd also consider other classic SMGs such as the MP5 or exotics like the LCT PP19 (a bit over your budget after coupon code, but will blow the others away in build quality).

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    Colorado Springs
    I have heard very good things about the ARP9, and was leaning towards it for a long time, but my main issue is the magazines. They have been out of stock for months on evike, and (when in stock), retail for $30, the same as my Hi Capa mags! I currently run a JG Sig 552 as a primary, and when my hi cap went down, I was SOL for the rest of the day, and then had to spend $20 on a replacement. I really like a standard M4 just because it's super easy to find parts, magazines, and experienced techs.