Best tablets under $200

Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by darkassasin24, Jun 10, 2015.

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    Can I get some feed back on the video as well? How can I improve it?
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    The first thing is the picture-in-picture (PiP) type display. Right off the bat you're almost totally discounting ANY of your mobile (and small monitor) viewers from watching the video because of the small size. That's fine for the intro, but when you get into the meat and potatoes, go full screen man.

    When you talk about each device, it's OFTEN helps to visually list the specs on the screen then touch base on them as you discuss each item. This gives the watcher a chance to pause and look at the numbers rather than watch B-Roll while simultaneously attempt to listen to what you say. Along side that, this helps the watcher not force them self to focus on your voice but rather important points within the actual video. Additionally listing the specs on screen allows as a good transition between each item being discussed.

    Those are just things I noticed right off the bat. I'm assuming by the type of B-roll you don't physically have the item(s), BUT if I'm wrong and you do, well then film some usage B-Roll. Usage B-Roll goes a LONG way.
    If not, well a great alternative is to do a news type video. You sitting at a desk and you say a few things to the camera, then the camera cuts to images of the item while you continue talking about the item.