Best Way To Store GBB Magazines

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    What is the best way to store a Gas Blow Back gun magazine? should I dump the gas and store it empty with no pressure? or should I leave a little bit of gas to maintain pressure (kinda like a stored scuba tank)?

    I ask cause I've had a problem with my 30 round (tall) KJW KC-02 GBBR magazines. They both leak gas out of the bottom plate now and I don't know why (I've only had them for about 6 months with regular use), Is it cause of how I stored it?

    -Oh and any info on how I can fix the magazines would be greatly appreciated. (I think I've narrowed it down to the rubber ring around the baseplate on the inside but I haven't a clue from there)

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    Guide to gas blowbacks

    Part with storing magazines.

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    Usually it's recommended to store a little bit of gas in the mag when not being used. This little pressure keeps the seals from drying out and cracking.

    I usually prefer to clean and lube my magazines every week or so when not in use and right after I get home from an event or airsoft outing.

    Wrap some teflon tape around the fill valve's threads and re-tighten the valve. If that doesn't fix it you'll need to replace the orings (mcmaster carr #9452K111 should work fine for most valves, packs of 100 are like $2 plus a few for shipping).

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    If you want to figure out where the leak is coming from, fill a sink full of water, and with gas inside of the magazine dunk it in the water. You should see bubbles coming from a certain area. That's your leak. After you find it take the magazine out of the water and dry it all off. Then find the appropriate o-ring for it.
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    I stored my magazine without gas once, I had a leak coming out of the bottom. I didn't have to do anything to fix mine, I just kept filling the magazine with gas and the leak slowly went away after about 15 minutes. I also put a few drops of silicone oil through the valve on top to help the O ring soak up more oil and swell.