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First, rules:
-You PM me if interested
-due to the nature of airsoft guns, all items are sold AS IS
-no returns or refunds
-CONUS only
-PayPal only
-feel free to threadcrap, it gives me free bumps!
-I would greatly prefer to sell, but trades will be considered, like:
Geissele clone rails
Nice AR15/AR10 externals
KAC PDW, L85, Scorpion EVO, AK74/104/105, some AR's, SR25/M110, 416, PP19 Vityaz, Vector AEG, MK46, MP5...but the main guns I want are a G&G/Army L85 or G&P/A&K SR25.
Siegetek gears, 10.44-20.8:1, SSG or DSG
Retro Arms, Mt Haynes or Prowin gearbox
EdGI barrels, SuperCore pistons, other high end parts

(Being built)
Beta Project(JG or CYMA OEM, VFC style) Magpul AK
The internals are currently being built. I have to wait for some parts to arrive but it will be done soon.
Custom 18tpa neo motor
Cyma gearbox shell, polished and removed black coating
Steel 6mm bushings glued to shell
Stock steel spring guide
M110-120 spring
CYMA bevel, G&P spur+sector, 18.72:1 ratio
JG 7t POM piston AoE corrected
Ares/ZCi ball bearing nylon piston head, #14 o-ring
Non ported cylinder
Rubber pad or Airpad
Aluminum o-ring nozzle
JG tappet plate
16awg wire, deans, soldered motor wires
Barrel & hopup:
Cyma nylon hopup chamber, shimmed and tightened arm
Lonex 70° bucking, flat hop'd
Custom flat nub
Stock 350mm brass barrel, lightly polished, stabilized
Magpul CTR or LE stock
AK74 grip
One smoke/tan PMAG hicap

Price will be about $350 shipped.
Here's a picture of it mostly assembled:

It should be around 23 RPS with an 11.1v lipo and 350-400 FPS with those parts, mainly focused on trigger response, reliability and consistency. If you're interested and need/want a different power level let me know.
Note: if you want a very high power level some more parts will need to be changed and the price will be increased. There are some scratches that I'll get some pictures of. I'm not the first owner and only fielded it once.

Would anyone be interested in custom built motors or tuned/modified/upgraded motors? I might build a few more motors soon with almost whatever specs someone would want. PM me if you want a custom built motor, prices will be reasonable.

I'm also accepting teching jobs now. If you need tech work done, PM me with your goals, base gun and budget. I can do basic tuneups, high end builds, and most things in between.

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How much would the motors cost? I have a beta ak that used to have really snappy trigger response, but has slowed down quite a bit...
Not quite sure yet. I'm going to see if I can get some Core motors, I've found some cheaper than SHS. The motor that's in yours is likely the JG/Chaoli black 22tpa ferrite. I have some short type 22tpa armatures so I could put one in a neodymium can, I'll let you know.

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Edited original post. The gun is up for sale again. If anyone is interested in it, motors, or other tech work, PM me.

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Bump! PM me if interested in anything.

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Got all the parts in. The gun will be finished soon. PM if interested in anything. I'll be gone for a month starting on the 28th though.
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