BFG, Magpul, FirstSpear, Mayflower, HSGI & more!

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    **PHOTOS: **

    Items are located in LA

    Willing to ship within the US

    5x Magpul FDE ranger plates - $12+shipping for all 5
    Magpul MS1 sling CB - $15+shipping
    Magpul MS4 sling BLK - $30+shipping

    Haley D3 Krytek - $100+shipping
    Haley D3 Heavy CB - $100+shipping
    Haley Flat pack CB - $80+shipping
    Haley MP2 pouch inserts - $20+shipping for all 4

    HSGI chest rig OD - $30+shipping
    HSGI chest rig CB - $30+shipping
    2x HSGI double taco OD - $25+shipping each
    2x HSGI pistol taco OD - $18+shipping each

    BFG MP7 chest rig MC - $75+shipping

    Mayflower MP7 quad mag pouch - $20+shipping

    TYR Tactical 417 triple mag shingle - $20+shipping

    First Spear SCAR-H 6/12 chest rig - $40+shipping
    First Spear 6/12 double pistol mag pouch - $5+shipping
    First Spear 6/12 general purpose pouch - $5+shipping
    First Spear 6/12 AR15 mag pouch - $5+shipping
    First Spear 6/12 padded AGB sleeve - $20+shipping

    G-CODE belt RTI -$25
    G-CODE waist RTI - $25
    G-CODE lefty P226 holster - $25

    Crye Precision G3 combat pant, FG, size 30R - great condition, barely used, comes with CP knee pads. $150+shipping

    Flash Force Industries M81 woodland MARSOC camo top + bottoms - size MR (I’m 5’11 & 165lbs for reference) - $20+shipping

    TM tracer - $75 +shipping

    Replica T1 r/g dot scope - bright enough for day time and strong enough for GBBs. $20+shipping

    NightVision variable zoom scope - amazing quality. $40+shipping

    BCM gun fighter GBB pistl grip - $10+shipping
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    San Jose
    Pmed on coyote haley heavy rig, od hsgi rig, and double pistol pouch.
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    Pm'd for the Crye RG pants and M81 woodland