Birthday Rifle!

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    I just got this fancy new rifle for my birthday! I’m 22, by the way.

    Setup so far:
    Rifle (I found this part to be most crucial, as gun accessories do not actually possess the ability to shoot things by themselves...)
    Tan Bipod Foregrip
    Three Lug Flash Hider (It doesn’t exactly match the gunmetal barrel, but it’s close enough.)
    UTG SCP-RD40RGW-A (Red/Green Dot Optic.)
    And finally, a target enhancing optic. (As you can see, it’s too tall for my red dot, so I’m going to have to buy a riser to level ‘em out.)

    It’s a WE M4 SOL. (416 clone without the HK markings) It has the WE open bolt system, and it honestly feels like a real rifle! It actually has more recoil than a 22lr rifle, which was the reason I got a gas gun over an AEG. I just like the way it FEEEEEEELSSS.. (If you read that in your head in a McConaughey voice, congratulations. You understood the reference.)

    It’s actually loud AF too.. and I mean AS loud or maybe even LOUDER than my pellet rifle! I actually like that a lot too.

    Let me know any suggestions you have! Thanks for looking!
    - Jake

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    Bull Shoals
    Nice gun! I've always liked 416's, despite seeing very few in person.
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