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Black Hawk Down Loadout

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For all you Black Hawk Dkwn enthusiasts I have a quick question regarding a Black Hawk Down loadout.

I live in Australia, so no airsofting for me, however I am currently working on a Black Hawk Down loadout for cosplay.

I have everything for the delta loadout, including helmet, chest rig, ALICE setup, DCUs and so forth, yet I am looking for the PT armour style vest.

I am looking for something I can purchase in Australia or near to it with free shipping, and realistically under $50 AU dollars (including shipping). It doesn't have to include an American flag on it, but the base vest is what I am looking at.

It also doesn't have to be some Fancy Pants Blackhawk! Industries or some supah expensive stuff, something made in China or whatever should be suitable as it is for cosplay and not legitimate Airsofting.

K thanks guys
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