Black tiger Airsoft

Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by Heyitscmp, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Heyitscmp

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    Black Tiger Airsoft in central Florida is a blast. 40 acres of no stop action. Every event 80-150 players having fun. Definitely was a great experience and will be my home field from now on. If any of you guys are in Florida looking for a great field to call home go check them out you won’t be disappointed
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  2. SubShredder

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    never played airsoft as I'm looking to get into it. Have my eyepro, teethpro, and camo as I know Black Tiger prefers you wear camo, but no gun yet. I could rent one eventually but I'd like to have my own regardless. Looking for people to meet up with and check out guns before I go to the field.