Blown Fuse G&G GR16

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by MrPeunk, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. MrPeunk

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    So recently I blew my fuse in my g&g (blowback cqb version). The battery is fully charged but makes no noises. The wiring goes the stock so I thought the fuse box would be in the buffer tube but its not. So it requires me to take out the gearbox. I'm pretty new to aegs and dont want to further mess up my gun. Any step by step directions or videos to help? Thanks
  2. Nelson

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    The g&g gr16 doesn't have a fuse. It is probably your motors connectors, take the bottom plate off your grip by unscrewing the screws on both ends not the one in the middle that adjust motor height. Re-crimp the motors connectors to the motor and try shooting.

  3. theonlyBuster

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    I've gotta agree with Nelson. Check the motor contacts. Typically when a gun suddenly stops working that's the problem.

    If still nothing trace the wires around the gun and look for frays, crimped, or cut wires.

    Also if you can grab another battery and test it out. The battery could be dead. Yes batteries can permanently die

    And of course of none of the above works, pixie dust and a tear from Donald Trump always does the trick. OR simply reply/post and we'll try a few other things.
  4. MrPeunk

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    Ok I'm gonna get the tool an try tomorrow to see if its in the grip and ill get back to you
  5. MrPeunk

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    So I got one screw but the other one in the got kinda worn down and is now almost a circle. The only thing I can think of is glue a driver in there and when it hardens screw it out and use only the one left screw when putting it back together. Any better ideas?