Bolt action pistol- Ruger Charger style

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    I have searched the forums to the best of my ability and the web too, and couldn't find anything regarding bolt action pistols. Mods, feel free to move if this could be in a better section. This may seem dumb or impractical to many, but I think it could be a very useful weapon, especially in field games.

    Take the Ruger Charger 22 for example -[​IMG]

    A pistol grip, rail, bipod, and a barrel. That's about it. Not a flashy weapon, but it could be useful in airsoft. Imagine your team sees an enemy out of range of most of your AEG's, and you either don't have a sniper or he is doing his own thing. A team member could carry this as a sidearm , and engage targets from longer distances without carrying around a huge weapon.

    Almost any player on a team could become a long range asset or counter sniper when needed. There wouldn't be a need to change a person's gear to a special sniper loadout. They could carry this in a scabbard or backback and a single magazine.

    As I doubt that any major manufacturer would put one of these into production, the would likely have to be made out of full size sniper rifles off of the second hand market. You could pick up a middle of the road used stock rifle cheap. Find a cheap stock Bar 10 or other rifle of choice that you would be willing to upgrade. Cut off the rear part of the stock, leaving only a pistol grip. Add all the internal upgrades that your heart (or wallet) desires, and maybe even paint it a stupid camo that will likely depreciate the value. The barrel could be shortened if you were handy with tools. I'm not sure if shorter barrels for sniper rifles could be found. Throw on a 3-9x40 or whatever your choice be, and a light bipod (no M240B 20lb kickstand needed.)

    Would any of you use this or have one on your team? It sounds like reasonable idea to me, but I'd like to hear from you guys. In addition, if anyone has done a build like this I'd love to see pictures. Leave a comment, complaint, rage, or IED disguised as a comment below.
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    And how would this have more range that a normal aeg?

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    Sniper rifle internals and as long of a barrel as you're comfortable with. Since it's bolt action, you could get it up to 550 fps or so and not have to worry about field limits nearly as much as with an AEG.