Bolt action sniper upgrades

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  1. jon_wallace95

    jon_wallace95 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I have a cyma zm51, I know it's not much of a gun, but hey, it was free. I opened it up and it looks like no other bolt action internals I've seen. This is my first time upgrading a gun so I have no clue what all of the parts are called. The first issue I know needs to be resolved is where the barrel meets the bolt there I a rubber cylinder that keeps the bb from rolling out of the barrel, the issue is the one the factory put in is too small, the bb gets stuck and jams the gun almost every other shot. Can anyone tell me or give me a link to how to fix it or the replacement part? Also, there is a hole in the barrel, it is about 5/8 down the barrel towards the end of the muzzle, it goes all the way through the inner barrel and is lowering the fps. The space of the outer barrel is just enough for me to fit my ring finger without the inner barrel in it. Other than those two issues the gun works fine but not to the performance I need. What parts should/could I put in it to increase distance and accuracy. It comes out of the box with 350 fps with .20g.
    The top picture is if the internals. The second is the barrel where the hole is.the bolt catch. And the third is the bolt catch.

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    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    That trigger box looks like a nightmare. But I advise you use your other treads on this rifle for these questions.

  3. jon_wallace95

    jon_wallace95 Well-Known Member

    I was hoping that someone would answer those threads, but I wasn't able to post pictures till today and the other one seemed to have ran dry
  4. dylan484

    dylan484 New Member

    If you plan on getting any sort of reliable gun, I'd just buy a jg bar 10. It's a good starter gun for cheap.

    The gun you own is going to be really hard to get upgrade parts for.
  5. jon_wallace95

    jon_wallace95 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I realized, but I got this as a gift so I'm saving up for a bar 10, a good scope, metal bipod, and some upgrades. But until I have enough $ I'm going to just save up. As for this gun it works fine except for that rubber thing between the barrel and the bolt, it is too small to allow the bb through, and if I take it out it lands about 50 feet short. The hole in the barrel is also making it drop a lot, I did a test on it, for one shot I left it as is and it made it across a 6 lane road, and then when I taped it it made it about 50 ft farther.
  6. theonlyBuster

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    Nothing wrong with editing or adding additional info/pics to the original thread.

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