Bolt on JG-B.A.R 10 keeps slaming forward

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by hubbajubba, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. hubbajubba

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    Well i just bought the JG-Bar 10 and it was working great for like 2 weeks now. All the sudden i went out side to shoot it and i cant. First I could pull back the bolt and slowly put it back into the fire position but now i cant even do that. Now all I can do is pull the bolt back but then when i go to return it to the fire position it just slams forward. Its not slam firing tho because even in i have a mag in it doesnt fire anything. I dont no what to do and i dont want to tell my mom cause she got mad that i spent 130 bucks on a gun. Is it a broken piece. HELP.

    What i think is that the spring isn't catching onto what ever it catches onto. I haven't taken it apart because i have no clue what I'm doing.
  2. Robin-Hood

    Robin-Hood Active Member

    Broken sear probably, I would check that.

  3. bionicarm

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    ok here's the deal. It's either a busted sear or the little spring inside the trigger box that pushes the sear back up is messed up. Either should be a relatively simple fix. Search for a guide to pull it apart or if you're really not confident, PM me and we can work something out (like I'll send you a vid that specifically shows you how to pull it apart, check it and put it back together). Really once you figure it out it's a simple gun to break down. (break is a metaphor...not literally haha). And that's alright, I can understand the mom thing. Mine almost took my head off. Darn college...stealin' all my airsoft money!
  4. hubbajubba

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    o wow thx for the fast reply. it seems like ppl say its the sear even on other sites. um i am not very confident on breaking gun down so it would be great if you could make a vid oh how to fix that spring in the trigger box. Is this also ganna be a common thing i will have to do to keep gun working?
  5. willstab

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    well i actually have a freiend who had this problem and what was wrong was that one of the bolts that connects the trigger mechanism striped so I had to re hread it and used a stronger bolt to hold it in place
  6. ghillie in the mist

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    anthony at airsoftgi told me i need to get a new piston sear
  7. 123haby

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    sears are broken. This problem is common with the MP001.