Bolt wont come back all the way after cleaning

Discussion in 'Sniper Rifles' started by garyg199, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. garyg199

    garyg199 New Member

    Cleaned my Striker S1 and now the bolt isn't coming back all the way to load a bb. It seems like its getting stuck on something, not sure what the part is called. Can anyone help? Was working fine before i took it apart. Im pretty sure i put everything back correctly, just not sure what would cause this
  2. TheAngelHunter

    TheAngelHunter New Member

    Most likely the spring is out of place or the trigger sear is in incorrectly. It’s a month after you wrote that so hopefully you resolved that issue but if not I’d be happy to help tech it, although I much rather prefer the VSR over the striker. My local field outlawed the VSR and glorified the Striker so whatever lol
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