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borderlands loadout

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hey guys I got hooked on a game called Borderlands and I'm trying to figure out what to do for a borderlands loadout. I have a MTC3 that is my main goto gun but I don't want to paint or do anything to. but I have a ICS GLM:D and a WE-Tech Pistol with a M203 launcher:D I can put on the bottom of it that I am willing to do stuff to. Also I'm not sure what clothes and headgear I should wear any thoughts and Ideas I would really appreciate.
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Screencaps from the game would be helpful. Give us a visual idea of the weapons and gear you want to emulate.
Shooter game Cartoon Machine gun Air gun Shotgun

Air gun Line Toy Engineering Gun barrel

There u go i hope this helps sorry i forgot to post pics


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Do you have a kit list?
Well so far i was thinking a chest rig or just a hydration pouch with molly on the back for a dump pouch maybe and so i can carry m203 shells or pistol mags because the rifle will have a large drum mag on it
So.....which gun are you looking to model after? Also which person in that pic? Need some more info:)
Im not sure on the guns that was one of the things im havingva hard time decideing on and the guy in thinking of doing is the one in the orange his name is Salvador and here are a few more pics of guns im just trying to find something simple but fun my biggest problem is what type of eye protection to wear


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I was thinking the yellow and black for the ics i think that would be a good look for it
I was thinking the yellow and black for the ics i think that would be a good look for it
Maybe a little bit of silver, to make it look like a hyperion gun...

And were all nerf guns, bro. :D
Yea not really sure what's going on with the guns lol
Do you intend to use those or...?

As for eyepro, maybe find some Valken Zulu's? They are quite Lowpro and will look like a sort of apocalyptic sunglasses...?
I probably have put more hours into this game than anyone on this thread (not proud, but must accept it). If you're going for a Salvador Loadout get these items to match the play style of a true Gunzerker.
I know the price is insane and the work that would be needed to make these look like Borderlands Guns would be even more rediculous, but if Salvador would play airsoft, these would be the things he would use.
If you were going for the Soldier, Zero, or Mya (or Roland, Brick, Mordecai, or the Siren from the first game) I could find you cheaper solutions. But you chose the Gunzerker haha
Hey thanks for the help guys and yes i know major those were nerf guns but i just saw them for the paint although that would be a great troll killing and ThroughBigFoot i agree with u on those but a little to much for my budget but i am looking at the mask i might go get a cheap mask and do a paint style like that on it any other tips you guys got for me this is helping me alot
Find you your period key, write in complete sentences, write your words out completely, and capitalize where appropriate. You're not texting your buddies, you're asking strangers for help; make an effort to make your posts readable.
Sorry, I was at work and only had a few minutes to look over what replys i had. And bryanman thanks but i am not a fan of valken i have had issues with there products.
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