Boyi dboys scar

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by gforce818, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. gforce818

    gforce818 New Member

    I'm totally trying to get this gun. Can anyone tell me if there's any specific gearbox upgrades for it or any upgrades
  2. lenoob

    lenoob New Member

    It has a V.2 GB so any v2 upgrades would work.

  3. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member Supporting Member

    Pretty much all of the externals are standard M4 V2 except for the nozzle is proprietary.
  4. Nelson

    Nelson Review Guru Supporting Member

    It is a bit of a pita to work on. Internals are very similar to that of a JG. It will have XYT gears in it, which are always good to have, the piston in it is fairly decent, will need an AoE correction.

    I however hate the wiring system. The one I worked on died out in less than a year. That was rather disappointing.

    Apart from that I liked the externals, they are better than many people give them credit for.
    7/10 internals and externals.