Bravo gear box questions

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by stxrus, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. stxrus

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    i've got most of the parts together for a M4 build i'll be doing. all i need is for for gears and motor to be restocked. anyway i have a Bravo matched (whatever that means) gear box to begin the build. it came with 8mm Bearing Bushings. my 1st inclination is to replace them with 8mm bushings and part of me says keep the bearings. so i thought i'd get some opinions from more learned folk than myself.

    the reason for the new gb is my old one had 7mm bearings, and after 14 months of play 2 of them spun and actually wallowed the holes.

    so ... keep the bearings or just replace them with bushings and super glue them to the shell?
  2. Lefse

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    8mm ball bearings are generally pretty solid, but switching to solid steel bushings will remove a failure point in the gearbox, so it's not a bad idea.

  3. AirsoftimusPrime

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    If he's new to teching, bushings are almost a must. If he's experienced they're still recommended over bearings in most builds.
  4. stxrus

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    thanks for confirming my original thoughts. bushings it is then. i've got a set of Modify 8mm bushings. now if the gears and motor will become available ... in this lifetime