Budget ISPC Pistol?

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    Hi airsoft society,
    I'm getting in to ipsc shooting. My budget is about $250. What should I start with? Metal slides aren't a top priority. It needs to include a gun, a sight mount, and maybe an upgrade or two. A red dot will be separate for now. I prefer hi capa race pistols, but I'm up for suggestions. So, can anybody help with my dilemma?

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    I am sure you mean the IPSC, right?

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    Yes, my apologies. My mind is elsewhere today, I'm afraid...
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    Buy a stock TM Hicapa and two spare mags, and learn how to lighten the trigger pull (polish the sear/disconnector), shorten the trigger pull (modify the trigger shoe) and install a recoil buffer (rubber washer and a short stiff spring). That alone will get you started for a limited class IPSC pistol. When you have more to invest in the gun, start looking at a scope mount and optics. Make it a project to work on over time. For $250, you won't be able to put together a decent open class race pistol, and if you start cheaping out on upgrades, you'll end up spending far more money in the end replacing the crappy parts that were trying to buy under a budget.