Budget Multicam suggestions

Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by Jimbers, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Jimbers

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    I am currently getting into the airsoft hobby, I was looking for headgear and a vest that are Multicam but are also in a budget.

    I have picked out:
    Foldable Half Face Mesh Mask 6” version - OneTigris. For lower face
    Lancer Tactical Airsoft safety googles, basic, OD green frame, Clear Lens. For upper face
    Valken Tactical Airsoft ATH PJ Tactical Helmet, Dark Earth. For helmet

    I do not have a vest picked out yet, my budget for the vest is under 60.
  2. 16harrij

    16harrij Active Member

    Check out the Hop Up App. I got some nicer Multicam gear for cheaper there. My best success was getting a pair of Crye G3 pants for $150 in great condition.

  3. ibob4tacoz

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    Ditch the Lancer goggles and get a pair of surplus ESS NVGs off of eBay. You can find OD or tan ones for about $20, much safer than those cheap Chinese goggles. Don't bother with a helmet. There really is no point for them, other than looking cool, especially if you're just starting out. Run a ballcap instead.
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  4. Mongoose22

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    Seconded on the ESS googles, that is what I use. As for the helmet, I have one and enjoy not getting shot in the head for CQB. However, I'm quite aggressive in my play style, but if you are playing field it's not as necessary. Also I might be able to help with the vest, I'll send you a PM.