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Build-Off '23: Danerd's "Classic" M4 Edition

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This thread will document my foray into a friendly build-off with @Leo Greer to see who can build (I guess) a "better" staple of the airsoft and firearm world: The M4A1 carbine. My build will focus on cloning my current-issue service weapon as close as I possibly can. Given that, I'll be focusing on the attention to detail I put into this and the overall realism of the platform. Rather than my traditional AEG, I'll dive down the rabbit hole into world of GBBRs. I have built a few GBBRs in the past, so Im familiar with the process. Im looking at two main platforms to build this off of: Western Arms and WE Tech. Both are reliable, have excellent aftermarket parts support and dont have too many issues with proprietary parts and can perform admirably given they are moderately tuned.

The specs for my build are:
  • 14.5" barrel with either a Government or "SOCOM" profile. The actual A1's all use the heavier SOCOM profile barrel as they have been proven to withstand extreme heat caused by near continuous firing that would otherwise cause the Govt' barrel to rupture. Though since this is airsoft this doesnt matter.
  • 4 or 6 position stock. Either will work as I have handled M4s with both. My basic training rifle had a 4-position stock, whereas my current-issue has 6.
  • Ambidextrous fire selector. All M4A1s have this feature to better accommodate leftys like myself.
  • Either a Colt or FN-Herstal marked lower receiver. Many people think that Colt makes the military's M4s. That's not the case anymore as Colt lost the contract, and FN was subsequently contracted to not only make, but also service the inventory. My BT weapon was actually an FN M16A2 lower that was re-built as an M4A1. The M16 markings were removed and "M4 CARBINE" was re-engraved over the same spot. "BURST" was quite literally XXXX'd out and replaced with "AUTO" subset underneath. My current weapon is a Colt-made M4 carbine.
  • KAC quad rail RIS up front.
  • LE-style stock
Sights vary. The standard is an F-marked A2 front sight post with an MA-Tech rear flip-up sight. Also used are the Aimpoint M2 and M4 CCOs and TA M150 ACOGs. The ACOGs having either a red chevron or green crosshair reticle. We also have the venerable LA5-C PEQ in tan. I was issued an Aimpoint M2 CCO with my weapon.

As for performance specs, I'll be happy as long as Im able to get close to 400 fps. As for a rate of fire, anything between 800-950 rpm is good enough as that is the typical cycle rate of our M4s. That may not seem fast, but its really something when that 30 round mag is gone in around two seconds.

More to come....
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I ran into the same problem with a VFC build I did. I was installing a Mil Spec threaded UGS(P*) onto it. I ended up picking up a thread tap and retapping. This may be an option for you. The other thing, mabye the VFC 416a5 tube may work in place? Not 100% sure what the plan is, so these ideas may not apply.
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Maybe pinging over the edges instead of pinning? Then there will be a physical contact 360º around the patch.
Also, curse those who think it's funny to put a 5mm Allen screw down an A2 pistol grip. There is a reason I cut a slot in all of my pistol grip screws for this type: it's way easier to just grab a flathead and do things.
LOL, I actually love the 5 mm hex screw. I’ve got 5mm Allen wrenches all over the place, even have a long T handled one I have from a Moto windshield. But to each their own.
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