Building/upgrading a M4 for $1000-$1500

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    I am new to building guns so if some things don't add up or there are better parts than the ones listed let me know. So as the title says above, I am building/upgrading a M4 with a goal to shoot far and accurately with a budget for around $1000-$1500 if need be.

    I have come up with a loose parts list for it so far:
    -Polar star fusion engine v2gen3
    -455x6.23mm widebore Orga inner barrel
    -a few polar star nozzles to tinker with the fps to get it under a 410 limit. (I will also need to experiment with bb weights .25 to .36)
    -As for a hop up unit I have little experience with but I was told they are very important too shoot far and to go for a Prowin because they are supposedly pretty robust. Need some help with this one.
    -Nub? I was told something about r-hop/er-hop/ir-hop/flat-hop and it sounded too good to be true but if it is that good I could use some info.
    -And another hop up related question I am too inexperienced in is bucking. Need info on that too.

    -outer barrel may need to find a better one.
    -I'm looking at some externals/bodies now if you guys have any suggestions for some nice ones. I'm thinking about just gutting a M4 and dropping everything into it.
    -As for stocks, I will probably just use the one an M4 comes with or if one of you has a good recommendation I'll be sure to check it out.
    -Same goes for a rail system or any other externals.
    -If you know of a nice medium range sight/scope let me know.

    If I left anything out also let me know.
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    Should also mention I am looking at air systems as well

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    If you have the orga barrel using a flat hop or rhop is much easier since you don't need to mod the bucking. Only rotate it 90degrees. I use a rhop made from a silicone vaccum tube which works well enough. You need very sharp cutting tools, the silicone tube inner diameter needs to be 6mm. Outer you can trim it with the cutting tools and then glue it with super glue or similar. I got better result after glueing it which is extremely easy to do.
    I won't recommend modifying the barrel ( erhop) and hop up unit unless you know what you're doing. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll be looking into more of this hop up business in the future before I buy anything so I don't end up ruining my gun.
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    G&P and VFC both make nice bodies, and the FE should drop right into both no problem.
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    Thanks for the help, I'll be checking out some of those bodies and see if I like what they have.
    And does anyone know what kind of hop up unit I should put into the M4? I don't know if it matters or not what kind or brand I get but a good recommendation would be nice.
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    philly and allentown
    just my option i d go for the vfc 417 or the vfc m27 as for bucking i like the promethies purple bucking
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