C&C airsoft field in stanhope; northern NJ

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    i been reading here about those looking for games in NJ. specifically in northern NJ. well there is this field in stanhope that's been around for a near decade just an FYI. they are having a double header this weekend and allowing camping that i am going to, which is 2 days of play with some night play of a zombie scenario in the mock city they built. its beaucoup scary and so far no one has been able to successfully survive the gauntlet. the way its set up is trippy. they use aeg batteries to power this lighting system to give it a look of a recent apocalypse. if anyone is interested in that double header or in the field in general:


    generally they hold big games once every 2 months and normal games twice a month. its a really big field. biggest one i have been to in NJ and i have been going there for 6 years so far. turn outs are 30 and up for normal games with the big games exceeding 120. the biggest was 178, but like i said a little earlier. the field is so big it handled all that easily. its got some flat areas. some swamp, rolling hills and even a mountain bluff that over looks a flat plain that is dubbed the air field that is used in scenario play. so it gives some mountain trooper style fighting that i haven't seen anywhere where else yet.
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    This weekend?! Of course this week I can actually afford to go, but I'm booked...