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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by crazyjake, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. crazyjake

    crazyjake New Member

    Looking for a good co2 pistol to bring into battle with. Anything works but the cheaper the better.
  2. Fritz

    Fritz New Member

    Camp Shelby
    Buy the WinGun Non-blowback 1911 pistol. It holds 16 rounds per magazine, and runs on CO2. Mine gets about 122 shots per CO2 capsule, (Roughly 8-9 magazines). You can buy it at Evike.com for around $70.00.

  3. ncore

    ncore New Member

    Yea sure, go get a gun thats 450+ fps that he can't use in any normal airsoft field...
  4. bonnax

    bonnax New Member

    Is there a specific reason why you want to run CO2? Also, a price range would be helpfull; 'cheap' isn't the same for everyone.
  5. Ehudakineyah

    Ehudakineyah New Member

    The wingun 1911 is actually not that bad for a CO2 NBB gun. Adjustable hop up and .3 bb's.

    If you can find a KWC CO2 Sigma .45 with rhe long mag and scope mount. That was a great CO2 blowback pistol lol.

    The KJW GBB pistol that run CO2 mags are good as well. And they stay under the 400 fps range. And are very consistent, and great realistic feel.
  6. crazyjake

    crazyjake New Member

    Anywhere from $50-$100
  7. BoogerMc

    BoogerMc Airsoft Jedi Master Supporting Member

    As strange as this may sound, Wal-Mart sells an H&K USP for about $40 that is CO2 and a very good gun. Several of my team members have them, but they bought them about a year before Wal-Mart started carrying them and they paid about $80 for theirs. They are made b Umarex or Cybergun, but they are decent guns.


    Me I carry two Smith & Wesson M&P 40s made by KJW or KWC, I can't remember at the moment.


    Hope this helps.
  8. lentj

    lentj New Member

    East Aurora
    I hate to keep plugging the Umarex Elite Force Co2 1911 but what the heck...
    90-100 bucks, full metal, awesome blowback....have fired a couple thousand rounds through two I own and they continue to work great. 4 mags per per co2 charge.
    Regarding why co2....why not....when everyone else's green gas pistols are rendered useless by low temperatures....I'm still shooting. Very accurate with .20's and just a touch of hop-up.
  9. AsC1014

    AsC1014 New Member

    You want to remove the CO2 tanks at day's end. Left one in my Taurus (same as your $40 USP) for three days. Tried to put in another tank and the gun almost took my hand when it exploded. Ice explosions are just as scary as fire explosions. I STILL PREFER CO2, but I advise caution. :)
  10. Sandman76

    Sandman76 New Member

    Yea one of the snipers on my team has that H&K USP as a sidearm. It is a really great gun, especially for $40.
    1. Its not a blowback, but it's still awesome.
    2 it's REALLY sturdy, nothing moves around it wiggles around at all.
    3. it shoots strait as a nail.
    4. Its holds, I believe, 20 rounds also.

    but yea, it is definitely the most sturdy Airsoft gun that I have ever seen.
  11. Hartman96

    Hartman96 New Member

    From what I hear and have seen these guns suck. First hand I've watched 2 of these have seals blow out on the very first CO2 cartridge.
  12. Vandal

    Vandal New Member

    Co2 is not reliable whatsoever. It is not allowed and most fields and the fps varies too much.
    The only thing that co2 is good in, are revolvers. With blowback pistols you are going to want to get gas. Its a lot less fun, but you will actually be able to use it in arenas/fields.
  13. BoogerMc

    BoogerMc Airsoft Jedi Master Supporting Member

    We have three of the USPs and I own two S&W M&P 40's, all CO2, and the only issue I've had was someone cranked their cylinder holder down too tight and we had an issue getting it back apart. I've left cylinders in them for months at a time and never had a single issue. For the $40 you can't beat 'em.

    That is not to say you won't have a few bad apples now and then, but based on actual experience, I have no problem reccommending them.

    As to the reliability of CO2, check out this video.

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  14. Jch30920

    Jch30920 New Member

    I have the Elite Force 1911, and it is one of my favorite pistols. It has a full metal body, CO2 powered, and has a regulator built in to keep the FPS below 350. And it's only $100!!
  15. Kopis

    Kopis New Member

    The elite force m1911 is a dream come true. Is sturdy as a rock, it's got apps of 350 the co2 is used very efficiently. It's blowback and can be used in cold climates. Also it's vey accurate and the mags are actually good looking and aren't a stupid stick thing.
  16. Dage

    Dage New Member

    Ann Arbor
    I like Co2, namely due to the high power, and ability to push heavier ammo. When I had my M&P 40 I loved it. The weight with the magazine in the gun, the power, and the occasional burst of Co2 coming out of the front. The power started strong, but gradually lowers and lowers. I'd say before I sod mine it was shooting at least 350 fps. I think when I got it it sold for around 40 dollars.
  17. kjoverman

    kjoverman New Member

    Do not get a non blowback
  18. bigdog

    bigdog New Member

    I have two hk usps for 40 bucks a gun you cant go wrong. You can easily get 10 mags per co2 and if your field requires under 350 fps run a couple of mags off of the new co2 and you should be good to go.
  19. soviet

    soviet New Member

    Needless to say that guns a piece of crap. There very bad accuracy, and range.
  20. BoogerMc

    BoogerMc Airsoft Jedi Master Supporting Member

    I refer you to my previous post, never had an issue with ours beyond the overtightened cylinder holder.

    kj > As to non blowback, I prefer them over wasting CO2 for no other reason than "It looks cool."