CA-25 vs VFC Scar H SSR

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    Ok so as says I'm gonna burn a giant hole into my pocket an probably regret it later building a DMR. Question is what base would you guys start with? I've heard good things about both, only problem is the CA-25 is out of stock like everywhere!
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    Then get the SSR.

    The SSR is probably the better of the two, but I don't have any experience with how well built stock CA SR-25s.

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    My SSR completely stock, hits 377 FPS with .25 and is accurate out passed 125ft. The look of the SSR is unique as well. The parts are proprietary but the gun is solid. Add a good scope and bipod or foregrip and youll not be sorry for buying. Just make sure to get it in tan! looks so much better
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    Fountain Valley
    Stock CA SR-25, accurate beyond 200ft, elongated GB, don't have a pita selector switch, large space for MOSFET (unless you want to cut a hole through the VFC stock)

    CA released a new batch of SR-25s.
    HK retailers already got lots and lots of them.
    Talked to ASGI few days ago and they also have a shipment coming in.

    (Don't say I've never owned or worked on the SSR or anything along that line.......Had their MK17 and also worked on an SSR....)

    Forgot to say, stock CA piston and gears can handle SP170.
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