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Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by patriot, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. patriot

    patriot New Member

    What's the best camouflage out there?

    Let's see who can get the right answer.
  2. bonnax

    bonnax New Member

    There isn't really a camo that works in every environment... But I like MTP the most.

  3. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    thats a general question so youll get general opinions... what is the terrain?
    my vote goes to FearGear D1RT
  4. Shady

    Shady Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    There isn't one. The most effective camo is dependent on the environment it's used in. Locked.
  5. Knief

    Knief Moderator Moderator

    Ann Arbor
    A brick wall. Ain't nobody gonna see me if I'm behind a brick wall.

    Without further qualification, this thread is pointless. The effectiveness of a camouflage pattern depends largely on the environment in which it's being used. I generally think of Multicam as being one of the better patterns for airsofters because it works well in a wide variety of environments and uses color blending to provide the illusion of depth in the pattern. That said, if you put is out in the middle of a sandy desert, old school 3 color DCUs are probably going to be harder to spot. Same goes if you put in deep dark woods next to M81. The best camouflage is the right camouflage for the environment. That or a brick wall. Ain't nobody seeing me if I'm behind a brick wall.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.