Can I get my thread title edited?

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    I have a thread in the Virginia games section about our upcoming Op. The Op was to be set for this weekend (Oct 3). Due to the weather conditions, one of my staff members and I have been placed on call so the Op has been pushed back to November 14. I attempted to edit the thread, but can't seem to edit the actual thread title. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thread is here
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    Thread title has been changed.
    For future record, report ([​IMG]) your thread/post and in the reason specify the problem/concern or where assistance is needed and the staff will respond/act accordingly. Reporting posts doesn't necessarily mean there's a problematic user, it just brings the staff's attention to the thread.

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    Originally I was doing the report. But it has a blurb about using the report system for actual issues. I will do so next time. Thank you!!