can i use compressed air in a madbull powder shot 2?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by austinflysblackhawk, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. austinflysblackhawk

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    I am planning on getting a madbull powder shot 2grenade. I am not allowed to use any propane product any duster gasses or any gas that can ignite or be harmful if inhaled. I think I can use compressed air from a air compressor. This is because I can regulate the pressure and add the silicon oil. Also because it is a low pressure gas grenade. Do you have any gas suggestions or can you tell me if you think this will work.

    Thank you to all people that post.
  2. Tornado-Airsoft

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    It may work I don't know if you lube the shell good it might but might not. I am not an expert but I would use green gas and why can you use any flammable gasses?

  3. austinflysblackhawk

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    My dad won't let me use flammable gasses because we live in an area that has a lot of scotch broom and dry tall grass. If a fire started it may burn half the town before the fire stopped. Thank you a lot for replying to my post.
  4. Col1500

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    I suppose it would be possible, since the grenade is a one shot item. Green gas is around 100 psi I think, so I'd pressurize it to that.
  5. austinflysblackhawk

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    I will just experiment in increments of 10 psi
  6. Thestig

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    Do you have an adaptor to go from the compressor to the grenade? Or am I missing something here?
  7. austinflysblackhawk

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    I will get a green gas adapter and I hen get a price of solid metal that is round then I will make a hole in the middle. Then you thread both sides to fit the air compressor and the adapter. Done
  8. theonlyBuster

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    With what information you've told us, the only real choice you have is CO2 or duster gas (compressed air).
    Green gas is made primarily of propane.

    CO2 would be the least flammable, followed by compressed air.

    CO2 would most definitely make the grenade work, but it MAY cause issues shortly down the road because of it's pressure.