Can u use real AR 15 body for a hpa gun

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  1. Spaget

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    or at least a full upper receiver what kind of modding would u have do
  2. Zaryk

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    It looks like it would take some heavy modifications and could easily be ruined. If it was successful, the upper would not be able to be used for anything else afterwards. I would say you would need access to a machine shop to do it correctly, and in the end, the upper will not line up with an airsoft lower properly anyway, so you would end up with a weird looking finished product.

  3. Jeranhound

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    You'd have to get an 80% blank and mill it to fit the airsoft parts, and even then I'm not sure of whether things would fit, I know it wouldn't work for an AK because a real receiver would be too short to fit everything. TM was much more concerned with getting things 'close enough' than perfect accuracy when they were designing their stuff 25 years ago.
  4. iPro

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    You'll never be able to get an AEG gearbox or HPA engine inside a real steel body. If you want a realistic 1:1 HPA gun, Alyan Airsoft makes an HPA conversion kit for WE M4 gbbrs that can use AEG mags. Also, WE M4s can be fitted with real steel uppers with minor modification.

    Edit: The Alyan Kit runs about $200 USD and a WE M4 runs about $300 USD, so you're getting a complete HPA gun with recoil for the same price as a Polarstar engine and half the price of a Daytona gun.
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