Certified pre owned AUG?

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    I decided to try to build a project gun, and decided on the aug as the main gun I was going to build off of. So, I was trying to find a cheap jg aug somewhere that was acceptable. I couldn't find anything on classifieds, but I found this "certified pre owned" section on airsoft megastore :)-/). The AUG's ran for about $110, and they said that they run fine, so it sounds like the best idea at the moment, but airsoft megastore cannot be trusted:p

    So, if I am going to try heavy upgrades in the gun, do you think it is a good idea to buy from airsoft megastore pre owned?


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    Everytime I hear the phrase "Certified pre owned" I think of Foamy the Squirrel (http://tinyurl.com/3vfvhjl 2:15-2:40)

    But getting back on topic. Buying second hand from an airsoft shop/store, you shouldn't be concerned with the condition, but more or less the price mark up (unless you're showing your allegiance to the store). But if you do choose, honestly there's no way of knowing exactly what you'll get. Some stores say you have 3 business to report problems and then from there you pay to have the item shipped to us to look at, then we send it back and then you hope it's working.
    I personally say it's not worth it, but others may disagree.
    I say unless you can physically walk into the store and test the gun before/as you're purchasing I'd avoid it.