Changing my FN 2000 for cqb

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    Okay guys, Saturday will be my last out door game with my Dino-Might custom JLS FN 2000. I'm going to down it for CQB now. I've mentioned this before, but because of the gear box iv opted not to. But with some thought I'm good to go now.
    1st off I'm wanting to do a speed build with it, so I'm going to keep my ultra high torque motor, and my M125 spring in it, but I'm thinking some speed gears are needed. I'm also going to radius the gear box, and put a surbo(spelling) pad on the cylinder head to help take some stress off of the gear box. Is there anything else I can do to help with stress? I will also redo my shimming and AOE as wall.

    Also, my rifle is shooting 390fps right now with .25s, I need to get it under or at 315fps. Alex told me to remove a tooth or 2, to lower it. But will changing the cylinder type, or boring the hole in my cylinder some help to lower it also?

    Edit: anyone? Don't let the FN 2000 part scare you off lol.
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