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Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by Gangstel, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Gangstel

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    At the moment I'm choosing combat shirt in multicam. Options: Crye G3\AC + new from Drifire, Patagonia, 5.11, Tru Spec Xtreme, Massif, maybe some others. Any comparison reviews on them?
  2. Topper

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    Well, Crye is Crye. Expensive, cool, expensive, did I mention expensive? They are very nice, but in my opinion unless you are doing an impression, are unnecessary for most Airsofters. I mean, if you have money to blow, go for it.
    Massif makes very nice shirts. I own one myself. Guess how much I paid for it? $15. New, with tags. These things are all over ebay from $5 to $30 or so for a brand new shirt. I would recommend one of these.
    These two are both great brands, even though one can be found cheaper than the other, they are both RS, and will serve you well.

  3. SRT

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    I own a 5.11 multicam combat shirt and the multicam coloration is perfect, it's comfortable and breathable. I'd highly recommend getting it.
  4. I_Am_Coopa

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    I have a Massif and love it. They are to be had dirt cheap on eBay which is awesome. Aside from being great hot weather shirts, I have found them to layer very well. For a fall game I was in, we played through the night in 30 degree temperatures. I simply wore a long sleeve shirt under the Massif, kept me warm and dry. For the price, they really cannot be beat.

    Just one tip, never ever machine wash them. The one I got was machined washed by the seller, now I'm having issues with fraying. Not that big of a deal, as a replacement is cheap. Hand washing is your friend.
  5. Gangstel

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    Thanks for advice about washing of massif shirt!