Cimm OP: BRAVO DELTA 17NOV12 East of Sacramento

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    Greetings Warrior!
    Further additional info is now available for our NOV. operation. We are NOT going to the Wrights Lake Road/BLISTER HEEL AO. We are going to the Ice House "Throne of Crom" AO. Remember it is easy to sign up and maybe bring a friend. Click HERE to get them registered.

    LOAD OUT : You must be completely self equipped for this OP. Food, water, shelter, and gear for the event. NO services are available. You will be at a remote camp location for the duration of the OP.

    MISSION SCENARIO: Circa Nov 1994. In the last days of the Bosnian War a transport plane reportedly carrying a Soviet made suit-case weapon was shot down in the mountainous region west of Sarajevo. This crash site has been localized to three debris fields.
    Russian External Security identified this as a potential embarrassment and scrambled a team to investigate the crash and recover any sensitive materials. ROE: Engage all contacts.
    Mixed NATO forces were scrambled to secure and pacify the crash site, capture any WDM material sand extract. ROE: Hyper stealth of possible. Engage if attacked. All witnesses of this mission were considered hostile.

    Operations will include multiple objective missions and attack/defence and tactical withdrawl. Special recon and sniper missions are on the books. Day time operations Sat. Also we continue to include more role-play/interactive involvement rather than simple shoot and scoot.

    COMMUNICATIONS: FRS 5-5 will be monitored for all arrivals.

    -Take US-50 E 68.2 mi east of Sacramento... More details for REGISTERED players!
    Fri: Chance of Showers 50%. Highs in the mid 50s and lows in the mid 40s.
    Sat: Chance of showers 50%. Highs also in the mid 50s with lows in the mid 40s. S wind at 10mph. Possible light snow accumulation.

    Just remember: the Cimmerians operate in any weather regardless the circumstances. Always have. Always will.