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    I have all but settles on a CIRAS system as the platform for my load out. However, I have been unable to find a decently priced PC ($100-$175 USD) from a manufacturer that is reputable. Does any one have some advice or a link to such a PC? Some other specs, I would like it to look good with ACU/UCP whether that is having the UCP or being foliage green, or just in a color that works well with UCP as that is the look that I intend to go for.
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    Pantac and FLYYE are the way to go for a CIRAS replica. The rest of them are terrible until you work your way up to an actual EI CIRAS. You can grab the Pantac from for either ~$200 or ~$250 with pouches depending on whether you want the Land or Maritime version (I think the Land is more comfortable and it has more space). The FLYYE is a bit cheaper on, plus ShooterCB is having a sale on all FLYYE gear, so you're getting a good sale on it. This again comes with pouches. You can get it without pouches at




    FLYYE no pouches:

    Other colors are available (Link to Ehobby's vest section, you'll have to sort through to find them but a [CTRL]+[F] for "land" and "ver.mar" will help you find them)

    Speaking of color, Khaki looks great with ACU. Coyote Brown isn't bad either, but it's not used by any branch of the military that uses or used ACU. If you're wearing ACU with a CIRAS, you're probably wearing Khaki. Rangers used Ranger Green with it. Pictures because they're fun like that:

    Khaki CIRAS with ACU:




    Real guys doing it:



    Something about the way the big guy in front is looking at his rocket makes me not trust him, but his kit looks good:


    Couple group shots:




    [edit for Ranger Green on ACU]


    Not real Ranger:
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