Classic Army LWRC M6 sportline premium

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by shiloh190, Sep 22, 2012.

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    First off lol sportline premium, the irony. I hear horrible horrible things about CA sportlines, like breaking after trying to use a 9.6v battery.

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    @marine121496 true but so far from the videos I watched they all say its way better than the CA sportline m4s they previously made.
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    They = CA, which means it's marketing at it's finest. Of course "they" are going to tell you it's better than thier previous sportlines, they're trying to sell thier product.
    If you're set on getting an LWRC M6, go for thier proline. If I were going to go for an M4 type gun again, i'd get one of those. They feel and work excellently. The reason most companies have made a sportline series is because of the rise of china clones. When the mentality is "why buy a $350- $400 + gun when I can get this clone for $150?" what choice do they have? Now, china clones have gotten ALOT better over the years, but most high end companies that try to make a line specifically to compete with clones usually fail. Why? In order to cut the price, they cut corners, and that never ends well.
    Again, if you're looking to get the LWRC, go pro or no.