Classic Army M16A2 etc

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  1. mikejosephman

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    Medieval England
    Came home from work, and decided my Nam "kit" ain't doing it for me. Not buying anything else, so here it sits.

    What you see is essentially a Classic Army M16A2.
    Missing a mag release, charging handle is attached but doesn't do anything but pull back.
    Like new gearbox and high torque motor.
    Original large tamiya harness, 8.4 1300 Nimh battery.
    2 polymer midcaps. Body is metal, carry handle etc.

    Fidragon soft collar vest, hardly worn.
    Medium long bdu shirt
    Medium short bdu pants

    40 for the gear, 100 for the gun package

    120 shipped for all.

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  2. SharpShot99

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    I'm definitely interested in the rifle. Sportsline or Pro, Metal or Plastic? Pm sent.

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