Classic Army Steyr AUG A1

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  1. LACairsofter

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    Is the the classic army steyr AUG a1 any good? Plz can I have the pros and cons
  2. Fyzix

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  3. deathmechanic

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    The CA AUG is a absolute solid replica, but still has the draw back to every AUG. The trigger which is horrendous and the GB bracket. The later can be easily solved if you dont mind drilling through the body, but the first there is no real solution.

    So if you dont mind a long trigger pull its a great replica. I would hold or use someones aug to see what im talking about. I wanted one for a long time. Used my buddies JG auga3 then his TM AUG both of the triggers left me feeling violated.
  4. S1kkguy

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    Yeah especially when someone is in need of consumer advice...

    IME, AUGs are cursed with eventual trigger problems and the few players I've met that used them on fields, didn't really seem all that excited when I would inquire about the features and usability. Personally I think an airsoft enthusiast NEEDS to feel some sort of excitement every time they pick up their rifle to skirmish, which I havn't really seen. That's just my experience however. Performance wise on the other hand, the longer barrel paired with being able to keep it compact is a pretty nice thing I'd concede.
  5. Lefse

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    The issue with the semi stage on the trigger not working is actually very easy to fix. You just have to tighten the contacts the primary trigger switch a little. I'm an AUG user myself, and I one of the few that's actually exited about it's features and such. I will admit that the AUG platform does have certain flaws. The barrel assembly can be somewhat unstable. I have had issues with the ARL making contact with the pinion gear because of the angled motorcage. The front grip is relatively fragile and will break if handled with excessive force. And you have the motorcage, it's mounted at an angle, potentially causing the ARL issue I mentioned, and it's also fairly weak, I broke the stock motorcage in my CA AUG A2 Proline.

    If you can look past these flaws it's an extremely comfortable rifle, it's like firing a couch. Many people hate the looks of it, I think it's one of the best looking guns to date. My old AUG may be beat up and isn't the most reliable gun on the field, but it's the one gun I have never considered selling. I'm always happy when taking my AUG out of the rifle bag, prepping it for a match.
  6. MercyZ

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    Bro, i had this gun and i gotta say it was sick, i always loved the AUG, i wish i could get a Tokyo Marui AUG, that would be heaven :D
  7. richman992

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    While I've never owned a CA AUG, I did own a jg, and absolutely loved it, I regret selling it all the time. The AUG does have a two stage trigger, which takes some getting used to, but once you get used to it, I found I enjoyed it more than having to switch firing modes via a selector switch. If you have big hands like me, you may have the problem of your thumb always knocking it off safety when you aren't ready to fire. AUGs are also pretty back heavy, and the Bullpup reload takes some practice. Internally, they're a v3 which I think aren't too bad to work on. The trigger assembly is a royal pain in the butt, but again, it's all about practice. Be careful field stripping your AUG, you can mess up your hop up if you pull the barrel out too fast. Lastly, I owned a military AUG, with the integrated scope and grip. It was nice, but if I were to get another AUG it'd have the rails and stuff. more options, and I hated the feel of the folding grip.
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  8. EthicalSneak

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    I've owned both CA and TM AUGs. The trigger, like everyone is saying, is pretty unique. That said, if you like the way they look, you can't beat it. I personally believe that a large portion of deciding on an airsoft gun is aesthetics, if you love the way it looks that goes a long way towards making it a good gun. Of course, take that with a grain of salt. I'm used to teching my guns to perform, I don't leave them stock for long. Stock, the CA AUG I had shot very straight and far, but the flimsy folding grip ended up breaking off.