Claymore, Maybe One That's Actually Cost Effective?

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    I've played around with a few different airsoft claymores, and from what I have seen they all work off the same concept. I'm sure some of you have seen Novritch's recent review of yet another over priced commercially made claymore, and there are hundreds of 14 year olds uploading their mouse trap claymore builds to YouTube, but today I found another option that actually seems decent, and decently priced.

    It's made for those water ball gun things you see at Wal-Mart, but could obviously be used for airsoft. There's even a review.

    The issue I have seen with most commercially available claymores, is they are too sensitive. The one I own (I believe it's a CYMA, probably wrong) likes to go off as soon as you pull the safety out, it's not a very good design. I've even had it go off with the safety still in. This however looks a little "safer" in that regard, the guy tosses it around on the the table during his review, and even moves it around freely after removing the safety tab, and it doesn't go off. It's got a clacker, instead of the not-very-milsim-looking key fob that you see with other models.

    The other thing, it's cheap. 35$? Sure, the quality may be sub par, but as long as the safety holds and the remote works I'm happy. Most people don't like to bring out their $80-100 Claymore because you so rarely get to employ it effectively, and it's not worth loosing it if something happens. I'm the other hand with a 35$ mine, you wouldn't have to fear someone dragging it across the floor by accident after they get tangled up in the trip line. What do you guys think?



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    brilliant , im'a get one. I A.have a bunch of those water balls an but B. have 3 or 4 claymores of various brands and i agree.They are sensitive and scary,and when you reinforce em to make em safer.Now you gotta contend with the fuqrs actually working when you need them to. Even my laser tripwire sorta fancy one which wasn't cheap. Is only Meh.i wouldn't trust it with my lunch $. But these are cheap enough and being cheap are probably lighter so i could carry a few (my biggest fear is not from the bb's.But the Sharp as Fak metal legs somehow jumping out an stabbing me because it falls on its face ,exposing the leg i just shoved into the soft dirt,an then explodes which really just launches it backwards towards my crouched throat.) yeah im'a pick some up