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  1. w0lfsb4ne

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    Forest City
    Hey guys, call sign Wolfsbane here,
    I am looking at getting an LLC and starting my own business in the way of an airsoft store in Clear Lake, Iowa, just off I35. We would carry high qaulity gear, guns, and accessories as well as offer tech services. But, as we all learned in economics class, there has to be a demand for product in order to introduce a supply. How many of you would shop here over ordering from larger online retailers? how many of you are close enough to actually utilize this? Please let me know. I have already begun the LLC process and am looking for storefront property. Thanks guys!
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    Some questions that come to mind:
    Do you have a detailed business plan?
    How much capital do you have on hand?
    If no capital, have you checked into business loans?
    How many airsoft fields are in the local area? (Local player support)

  3. w0lfsb4ne

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    Forest City
    Yes we have a detailed business plan and budget. The business loan would be through the LLC to avoid personal liability. There is only one Airsoft field that I know of in Iowa and that is near desmoines about 2 hours away. But there are many local players.
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    I would pay for gearbox maintenance and R-hop installations if this shop is currently open now