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    What type of clothing do I need? Idea of what I want.. I do NOT want a vest plate I want something to hold mags that is more on the side of my waist because then it won't feel wired being on my stomach so I don't want stuff cramped up in my chest. I would like a woodland camo regular clothes though too, just give me ideas of stuff I need.
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    Sounds like you want some surplus M81 Bdus (ebay, craigslist, local Army surplus) and a Molle battle belt system or just mounting the pouches on a belt.

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    What's your budget?

    Military surplus stores are great places to get good items for cheap.
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    Clothing - Go with watever you like best within your budget.

    Gear - Run a belt loadout, Depending on what you carry you don't need a full battle belt (molle belt) Instead just rig the pouches on the belt, Much like a police duty belt.

    We can't tell you what you need because everyones needs are different. Just shop around until you find something you like. Army surplus stores are great, Also try ebay / Local thrift stores / Etc.

    I personally run a belt loadout, On my left side a have a double M4 mag pouch along with a drop leg dump pouch. On the right side I have my serpa & 2 pistol mag pouches. Simple and gets the job done.
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    I am going to an airsoft store today and army surplus after school. I will see what I can find.