Cm032 m14

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    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Alright so I was looking around for a really nice DMR platform. I'm planning on getting myself a CM032 M14 in OD green. I just have one question. What are the cons of then?
  2. pancakemix56

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    1) its heavy
    I don't care how big or tough you are, carrying around a 10lb+ gun around all day gets tiring. I'm a big guy and I find it uncomfortable sometimes to carry.

    2) limited battery space
    Although its a "full stock" battery space is limited.

    3) more difficult to upgrade/tune due to v7 gearbox and it's more difficult to get to the gearbox.
    It may not be hard but it's not your typical m4 disassembly

    4)although you said this is a dmr, the motor is pretty weak, rate of fire wise and just in general.

    Other than that it's a great gun and I highly recommend it.


    INFANTRYPRO New Member

    Well I'm using it as an upgrading base for a DMR. I've always been fond of the M14.
  4. calebaj

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    If you're looking for a good DMR base, go for a G3-T3 or at least something better than the CM032. I agree with the other poster in that the gearbox is hard to get to, and is kind of sucky.
  5. DadCRO

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    I'd get the black. I have the OD one, but I regret getting it because I painted it tan, and black would be a better base color. But whatever floats your boat. As people have said before, battery space, RoF, FPS, lack of rails, and weight are all issues. However, they are not big enough to not get the M14.