CO2 Leaking from my Pistol

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Insertsignupname, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I have recently bought a Skeleton Sidearms SS92.One night i accidentally left it outside and now when I put the CO2 cartridge in it the CO2 sprays everywhere. If need more details just ask.

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    Another Canadian... Awesome.

    Did you only put one cartridge in, or did it do that with multiple ones after being outside.

    My best guesses are these:

    -The pin (part that breaks the CO2 cartridge open) is damaged, or possibly gunked up.
    -When you put the cartridge in, it wasn't lined up right.
    -You didn't twist the CO2 in hard enough

    I own one of the Skeleton Sidearm revolvers, and it can give me issues if any of the above stuff is wrong.

    Did you buy the gun from BuyAirsoft? Because if you didn't get it to long ago, and the magazine is non-repairable, then you may be able to return it.

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    If the pin is worn down take a file to it and try and re-sharpen it, DO NOT FILE IT DOWN. Also try putting a piece of teflon tape over the Co2 cartridge before screwing it in