Co2 or green gas

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  1. Airsoftr13

    Airsoftr13 New Member

    Are there any advantages that one of these has over the other?
  2. Duelwielder

    Duelwielder New Member

    Green Gas - Cost less

    Co2 - Cost more then Green, but hits harder

  3. WillBrayJr

    WillBrayJr New Member

    Nope;)Green gas is actually more expensive than C02. Though C02 is more powerful it's not recommended in most GBBs.
  4. Duelwielder

    Duelwielder New Member

    Not really. 25 .12 gram tubes of co2 is 25. 3,000 shots 4,000 shots of Green Gas 12$
  5. WillBrayJr

    WillBrayJr New Member

    I'm not even going to get into the math but a can of local green cost $20.
  6. Duelwielder

    Duelwielder New Member

    Well Different places r different
  7. willbarber

    willbarber New Member

    Well, are we talking Green gas, or GG/Propane?

    Propane is most cost efficient, CO2 is hard-hitting, and GG is for lazy people.
  8. silvertaco1

    silvertaco1 New Member

    Brush Prairie
    Co2= more pressure, which means harder hitting. Also is more convenient because it comes in 12g capsules. Co2 is my personal preference.

    Propane= The cheapest and most efficient, can be bought for around $2-$3 at walmart. Requires more lubing of your gun.

    Green gas= Propane with silicone oil mixed in. Don't need to lube your gun as much, but it's more expensive (around $15 a can). Also the cans are thinner than propane cans, which means they are likely to explode when exposed to a hot environment for sustained periods of time.

    'nuf said.
  9. ZER0

    ZER0 New Member

    Marysville, CA
    they both have their ups and downs, but Co2 is going to be a lot more harsh on your gun
  10. TraditionalCatholic

    TraditionalCatholic New Member

    In my area, Green Gas is about $18 after tax, and I can only fire off about 1500shots off a can. I can buy 15 12g CO2 cartridges for $12. Each one allows me to fire 200-250 shots in my CO2 NBB Crosman C11. If my math is correct, that means the CO2 costs $12 for 3,750 shots, and Green Gas costs $18 for 1500 shots. If I used only my KWA USP compact I can get almost 2,000 shots off a can, but CO2 is still way cheaper.

    Also, as previously mentioned, CO2 hits harder, which can be a drawback if your field has a low FPS limit.

    And, if you live in a cold climate, CO2 is less subject to cooldown effect, and it will retain pressure better at cooler/cold temperatures.
  11. BoogerMc

    BoogerMc Airsoft Jedi Master Supporting Member

    All the above said, I own both a Green Gas pistol and a CO2 pistol, that's one of each. I first heard the Green Gas was better and found a good deal on the pistol I have, but after playing with it a few times was not impressed by the performance of the propellant. My Green Gas pistol had a few flaws due to the propellant not the gun itself, for one if the magazine does not reach room temp, then it doesn't operate very well, sometimes it even jams open and the gas just leaks out. For two, I didn't get as many shots out of a load of Gas, I might get five or six clips at 15 rounds a clip and then I loose power.

    My CO2 on the other hand has proven more reliable, it uses the .12 gram canisters like you get at Wal-Mart for bb guns and such, I get almost double the mags out of a single canister and it has yet to jam on me. I have had no issues with temp or with leakage.

    So, in my opinion and for my liking, I'd go with a CO2 pistol, but that is my opinion. I will say, I purchased two of the CO2 pistols, and am considering selling my Green Gas, since I no longer use it. Again, this is just my opinion.
  12. morganmcquiggan

    morganmcquiggan New Member

    i just got a hi cappa 5.1 co2 model and i must say, for target practicing. great. but for anything else its useless, its terrible for game play, because rapid fire will result in low pressure do to tempreture drop, and when the temp drops the co2 bleeds out, because its bleeds out when its near empty because of no pressure, so when it gets cold from firing it rapidly it all bleeds out, im talking 6-8 shots and it starts leaking all out, i cant even get 3 clips in before i gotta change co2, and i can see how its harsh on the gun, i would deffently lean towards a green gas, propane or red gas model before you get co2
  13. ncore

    ncore New Member

    I use co2 because my pistol uses it. Most benefits of each have already been said, but I am going to do what everybody else did and just say it anyway :p

    Co2 Pros:
    -efficient, you can take over 100 shots per cartridge, depending on the gun.
    -less affected by cold weather, the gun will still shoot hard
    Co2 Cons:
    -constant, quick firing can freeze up your gun
    -shoots much harder than other gases
    -you can't "top off" your magazine
    -requires lubing your gun frequently

    Green Gas pros:
    -Doesn't hit too hard
    -No lube necessary
    -You can "Top off" your magazines
    -Very reliable and is less likely to destroy your gun over time
    Green Gas cons:
    -More expensive
    -Does not do great in cold weather

    Propane pros:
    -VERY cheap
    -Doesn't hit too hard, but a little harder than green gas (since GG has lube added)
    -A little better in colder weather
    Propane cons:
    -requires lubing of the gun
    -smells awful
    -requires propane adapter ($20, but you get that money back after you buy 2 propane tanks)

    Thats all I can think of for now
  14. DadCRO

    DadCRO New Member

    This. Except Propane is my favorite. Just get silicone spray.
  15. sar-10sniperr

    sar-10sniperr New Member

    I would say co2 just because co2 guns usually Oparate better (better shooting whith GPS)
  16. sar-10sniperr

    sar-10sniperr New Member

    Fps my bad
    I have a co2 vsr 10... It's a beast 650 with .20 and 850 with .12
  17. Shadowex3

    Shadowex3 New Member

    Who the hell lets you use a 650fps .2g gun on their field? That's four joules!
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  18. Zombiekiller

    Zombiekiller New Member

    Green gas is expensive but propane is a great alternative. C02 is great if you live in colder states where green gas/propane freezes up easily. But if your field has limits for pistols your screwed since c02 pistols shoot way too hot
  19. kevincull

    kevincull New Member

    Good luck at a field chrono using.20s. And how many shots do you get on 1 co2 cartrige.
  20. kevincull

    kevincull New Member

    My cheap chrosman air mag c11 shoots harder than my gbb pistols it has 400 fps I don't use it though.