Co2 or revolver?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by hotrod32, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. hotrod32

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    In most games I play I'm a scout. I love using hit and run tactics, and prefer using my pistol. At the moment I have a double eagle m47 shot gun and a really cheap pistol. I'm looking for a new side arm and can't decide between a co2 semi auto or a spring revolver. What do you guys think?
  2. richman992

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    Gas Blowback, all day. By far the most fun to shoot. And probably the most reliable. And propane is cheaper than CO2 :) I could link you a few gas pistols if you like. What's your price range, and what would you be using the pistol for?

    Never ever buy one of those horrible spring revolvers, they shoot like 20 feet. Also, don't buy any HFC revolvers, they're horribly inaccurate and break super easily.

    If your heart is set on a co2 gun, I hear the CO2 deagle is pretty nice. I think it's kwc IIRC.

  3. hotrod32

    hotrod32 New Member

    Mostly mid range, not terribly far but by no means close. And I'm looking for something around $100 maybe a little more
  4. stroop66

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    You could find some TM GBB pistols (Used or maybe some new) for about 130 or 150. They will last you a super long time if you care for them!
  5. Leonidas

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    Depends. Is the revolver Marui? Is the co2 pistol Walmart brand? (Unless it's the new BO brand) Do you play more airsoft, or Russian Roulette? Do you like very close quarters accuracy, or longer range? Do you like co2, or do you like the manual cock?
  6. Phillies2406

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    You'd be better going for a gbb, preferably one that can use propane because propane is so cheap. Revolvers don't have much of a use unless you are willing to spend the big bucks. Also, I'd recomend getting an aeg instead of a handgun, since you only have the shot gun. One more thing, why did you make two threads on this?
  7. hotrod32

    hotrod32 New Member

    Cause this thread seemed to just say don't get a revolver, but I'm sort of leaning towards getting one so I wanted more advice on revolvers and revolvers only
  8. BurningRaven

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    Does any one here have a WG revolver and knows how it works internally. If so please reply