Code Name: Buran 5.0 - NJ 9.7.13

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    Imagine the move "Predator" set in the mountains of Central Asia. This is MilSim airsoft game with a sci-fi twist. This game is organized by NYC Airsoft to raise donations for the military veteran organization, Team Rubicon. All players will receive a complimentary raffle ticket with prizes donated by All pre-paid players will receive a free gift.


    September 7, 2013

    C&C Airsoft
    50 Lackawanna Drive
    Stanhope, NJ 07874

    PARKING: C&C is located behind Wild West City. Look for a gate to the rear left side of the Wild West City parking lot. Players may drive down the road to Staging to drop off gear ONLY. All players must park in the Wild West City parking lot or the C&C lot. Staff may park in the "Airfield" but be warned that the grass is very high and your car may get scratched up.

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    $25 Early-Bird Tickets (First 50 tickets)
    $35 Regular Entry
    Purchase tickets online on A $5 S&H charge will be added to cover the cost of mailing you a player packet with the rule book, ticket and swag. Deadline for refunds 9/2/13. Ticket sales close Labor Day or when all are sold out.

    • 400fps/0.25g limit for full-auto capable weapons
    • 500fps/0.25g limit for fixed semi-only weapons
    • +18yrs (unless accompanied by an adult guardian)
    • Full sealing goggles with retention (No shooting glasses; No mesh without secondary eye protection)
    • Full masks for minors
    • 2 red rags
    • +2 quarts of Hydration (no running water on field)
    • FRS/GMRS radio
    • HiCaps allowed using Phridum's HiCap rule

    Turkmenistan: General Borat is selling the contents of a long forgotten Soviet weapons vault to buyers from Iran's government. Unknown to General Borat, within the vault are alien artifacts from a meteorite that crashed in 1938, its records lost in WW2. US and NATO have sent a Special Forces unit from neighboring Afghanistan to stop the sale to the Iranians. The Russians have sent an elite GRU unit to stop American's from recovering the stolen technology. An inexplicable emergency message was picked up by the NSA from Gen. Borat's garrison at the vault, "A machine from the vault is attacking us! Our weapons do not effect it. Send help!...."

    Special forces based in Afghanistan.
    Uniform: ACU/UCP, Multicam, and any desert camo fielded by a NATO member country. No black vests.

    Russian GRU and Turkmen soldiers loyal to General Borat
    Uniform: Any camo worn by non-NATO member country, except black. No black vests.

    MIB (Men in Black)
    Mystery security forces under the control of the GM
    Uniform: Black or Blue

    No Walk-ons. Post your name and callsign and payment ID# on the NYC Airsoft Forum to be added to the roster. If you aren't on the roster, you aren't playing. Link here...