Colony Wars 2015!

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    Four colonies fight for control of resources in this 32 hour long game. Complete objectives and earn credits to build up your base or give your colony an advantage over others. Establish forward operating bases to control more land all while ensuring the safety of neutral parties in your area. Create pacts with other colonies or sabotage others to ensure your own survival.

    June 27th-28th

    Price: $50, link to ticket preorder is available on our website!

    41772 North Greenbay Rd, Zion IL 60099

    Check in: 9am Saturday the 27th.
    Chrono Starts: 9:15am
    Team Selections: 10am
    Briefing begins: 10:30am
    Game Starts: 11am Saturday Morning
    Game Ends 7pm Sunday Night

    Colony Wars Background: As a virus ravaged across the world, wiping out 90% of the human population, need for supplies is at an all time high. As the government became corrupt and supplies ran out, people were forced to rely on themselves for resources. These people formed tight nit groups whose only goal was pure survival, but in a post apocalyptic world no group can be trusted. These highly trained well organized colonies are in it for the long run; and know there is only enough resources for one group. Creating their own chains of command, four separate entities will fight for control of land and resources. Each colony has taken refuge in either a warehouse, a police station, a school or a hospital. They each have their own advantages over each other, and their own weaknesses. Who will make it out alive, and who will fall under the pressure?

    Each colony will be split up according to color of BDU, if you wish to be with a team, please come in the same base color. Colonies will be assigned a BOA Owner, Ref, and a predetermined BOA Team to help run the colony. Squads of 8-12 will be sent out on objectives that will need to be completed in order for the colony to remain stable. Collection of gas for generators, food, digging wells and setting up commands points are essential to keep peace within colony walls. Don't like your colony? Take over another one! Need to pass through one colony's territory in order to complete an objective? Negotiate a ceasefire.

    Respawn/Medic: Each colony will be assigned one medic to send where ever they are needed. Players can be "healed" twice by the medic before they need to return to their colony for extended care. Players will be re-spawning in groups up to 10 every 10 minutes. (I.E. First player in hits timer, up to 9 more players can join in on his time, they do not have to reset the timer for each player.)

    Points systems: For each objective, Foward operating bases (FOB) held, colony taken over, etc, Colonies will be given credits. Players can decide how to spend these credits during the game, or you can choose to save them. Colony with the most credits left at the end wins the game.
    You can purchase extra medics, Troop transport vehicles, extra resources, choose to build up the defenses of your colony and more with these credits.

    Vehicles: Troop transport will be available for each colony. Vehicles may be stopped anytime of the field and searched when they are not displaying a white flag. It is recommended to only stop a vehicle if you have the fire power to support an attack.

    Capturing FOB Points: Three points are put in between pinch points on the field. These points will be checked every hour. Whichever teams flag is displayed will be given extra credits.

    War crimes: Actors will be on the field as neutral parties, shooting these parties intentionally will result in lost credits.
    Communication is essential for colony survival, it is HIGHLY recommended you bring a radio.

    BONUS! Each player will be given a BOA colony wars patch with their admission.

    Q: Can I purchase a ticket for only one day?
    A: No, only full weekend passes will be sold.

    Q: How old must I be?
    A: 12+ for this event! NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Q: Camo Restrictions?
    A: None, but if you want to be with a group of friends/team, make sure you are all wearing the same base color. NO RED.

    Q: Rules?
    A: All standard BOA rules apply. Please feel free to check our website and fully understand them prior to showing up. Any rules specifically used for colony wars will be listed below.

    Q: What should I bring?
    A: Things that are strongly recommended: Walkie Talkie, Hydration Carrier, Watch, and Dead Rag!
    Other items: Tent (If you choose not to sleep on the bunkbeds on the field), Sleeping bag & pillow, Extra clothing/Socks/Shoes, Lock for on field lockers, Battery charger, food/drinks

    Q: How can I charge my battery?
    A: Generators will be available at the bases for you to use. Please bring your own charger.

    Q: Will there be lockers?
    A: Yes, but they will be limited and locks are NOT provided. You are permitted to bring your own lock boxes.

    Q: Sleeping arrangements?
    A: Unlike past colony wars events, we have built bunk beds into safe zones on the field. They are limited, we suggest that teams set up sleeping schedules. There will be ZERO tolerance for unsafe behaviors in these safe zones.

    Q: BB Restrictions?
    A: None.

    Q: Bathroom arrangements?
    A: Full indoor bathroom and porta-potties will be available on site.

    Q: Face mask/ Goggle requirements?
    A: Over 18, full seal goggles.
    Under 18, full face protection.
    See website for details.

    Q: "Someone stole ________!!!"
    A: All items are your own responsibility. Keep track of your things.

    Q: "I've never played airsoft before, would this be a good time to try it?!"
    A: NO! But feel free to try us on one of our open play days!

    Q: Leaving the field?
    A: Permitted. Please check in and out with your colony leader though!

    Q: FPS?
    A: Same as always fellas, check our website for more.

    Q: Water?
    A: Free water will be given all weekend! Please respect this by not trashing the field with empty bottles.

    Q: HPA Fill tank available?
    A: Will not be available.

    Q: Meals?
    A: Not included.

    Q: Breaks?
    A: No scheduled breaks. Game goes for 32 hours straight.

    Q: Can I rent a battery/magazine?
    A: No. You can purchase both of those items in our store.

    Q: How many tickets are for sale?
    A: 240 tickets will be up for grabs. In the past we've allowed 300 and after reaching that capacity last year, we have decided there was just too many people. Only 60 people per colony.

    Q: Can I buy a ticket in store/ day of?
    A: Only 240 tickets will be sold, if there are any left day of, you may purchase them then. If you would like to pre-purchase a ticket, please buy them online. No pre-order tickets will be sold in store.

    Q: I have another question, should I just call?
    A: Due to the large volume of questions we get about colony wars, please email us at [email protected] so that we can answer your question in detail. During the weeks leading up to this event we are very busy and cannot devote countless hours to answering phone questions. Thank you for your cooperation.

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